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Hanson Fast Set Postfix Plastic Bag 20kg

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A handy 20kg bag of Hanson PostFix Concrete Maxipack a simple to use product (just add water) that provides a fast-setting concrete for fixing posts into the ground. Hanson’s specialist mix gives additional support to the post before the water is added. The small aggregate provides a more robust long-term solution than powder and is a favoured traditional method. Suitable for tradesmen, DIYers and local authorities. One bag makes enough for one post.

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How much water should I add to a 20kg bag of PostFix?
As a guide, use around 2 litres of water per 20kg bag. Do not over water unless you need to achieve a sloppy mix. The less water the stronger the concrete.

Is Postfix a concrete?
Hanson Postfix is formulated to produce good quality concrete for setting all types of posts.

What's the difference between PostFix and concrete?
Concrete takes several hours or a day or two to set. PostFix sets in a few minutes, several tens of seconds, even, so you don't have to support the post for nearly as long as you do with concrete.


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