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Deep Base Floor Levelling Compound 20kg

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Setcrete Deep Base is a base compound designed for use where floor levels need to be raised quickly and economically in light to heavy-duty applications onto sound-absorbent and non-absorbent subfloors.

It is ideal in areas such as conservatories or where two adjacent rooms need to be brought up to the same level, such as in extensions or where an internal wall has been removed.

SETCRETE DEEP BASE is designed to raise floor levels quickly and economically and for smoothing uneven floors in light to heavy-duty internal applications. The versatility of the product allows for application between 5–50mm in one application. SETCRETE DEEP BASE utilises the latest fast-drying cement technology to achieve a walk-on time of as little as 90 minutes. It produces a stronger and less friable surface than traditional sand/cement screeds and, as it is a water mix, it offers the advantages of being economical and latex free. SETCRETE DEEP BASE is suitable for use over a wide range of absorbent subfloor types including sand/cement screed and concrete. It is also suitable for use over non-absorbent subfloors such as ceramics, granolithic, terrazzo, epoxy and polyurethane resins, ceramic and quarry tiles, providing they are sound, well adhered and suitably prepared.

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