WEL-Priced Timber Cladding + Loglap + Pre-Painted

Manufacturers 15 year warranty.| Pre-Treated | Pressure Treated

Tanalith-E preservative (water based wood preservative that contains proven organic biocides)

From Scandinavian Redwood

Tongue & Groove Joints

Our exterior shiplap and loglap cladding is machined from quality Scandinavian Redwoods. The lap allows for some board movement which occurs when timber responds to different weather conditions. After machining the boards are pressure treated with new generation Tanalith-E preservative.

This treatment helps protect the timber against decay and fungal attack. Our shiplap and loglap cladding carries the Manufacturers 15 year Treat right warranty.

Our Black premium board is a 175mm wide rebated Featheredge profile and has 3 factory applied coats of paint, also including an anti-fungal preservative in the base layer. The tapered rebate ensures the flat installation of the board, and relief groves in the reverse face help stability in use. The premium board requires no further coating on site. It is recommended to overcoat the exposed nail heads if they puncture the surface of the board.

What is Tanalith-E preservative?

TANALITH water based preservative treatments extend the service life of your wood and help maintain its natural appearance. Timbers treated with TANALITH can be used with confidence in both above-ground and in-ground situations including construction, fencing, landscaping and engineering applications.

Water based wood preservative with copper and proven organic biocides

Is Tanalith E safe?

TANALITH-E pressure treated timber can be painted or stained as you wish but this is not necessary to maintain its preservative properties. It is perfectly safe to leave pressure treated timber outside without further protection, but we advise you consider annual maintenance.

History of Tanalith-E preservative

Tanalith® E was first formulated for use in European countries during the late 1990's as more environmentally acceptable alternative to products containing arsenic and chrome in the formulation. Tanalith® E is a water borne product based on Copper organic biocides.
Tanalith® E Wood Preservative has been approved by APVMA as an industrial use wood preservative.

WEL-Priced Timber Cladding + Loglap + Pre-Painted
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