Gardenstone Paving Autumn Brown 19.52 m2 project pack

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This sandstone is calibrated and hand-cut and comes in four lovely blended colors that will add warm tones and texture to both traditional and contemporary gardens. New for 2021 we are delighted to introduce Autumn Brown paving which has lovely brown and grey tones.

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All natural stone contains a variation in color, veining, shading, which may contain blemishes and other natural characteristics. These are all perfectly normal and not a sign of any fault in the product. Natural shade variations need to be evenly distributed across the paved area. If multi-packs are ordered, open and sort all crates so a good color mix can be achieved. Grey Sandstone contains natural iron and this may oxidize and show as brown markings. This is inherent in the stone and should not be seen as a fault.



19.52m2 Project Pack contains 16no 290 x 290mm, 18no 290 x 600mm, 15no 600 x 600mm, 16no 600 x 900mm


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