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PrimeTec External Primer for Porcelain and Natural Stone Slurry 15kg

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PrimeTec is an easy to use polymer enhanced primer specifically designed for use on external porcelain and all types of non polished natural stone.

It is essential to always prime Porcelain Slabs.

Due to the non absorbent nature of porcelain, non primed slabs will not form a mechanical bond to the bedding material, and are likely to rock or move, especially after a spell of sub zero winter weather.

Available in 15kg units (2×7.5kg units). 

Mix in tub for less mess!


Why Prime Your Porcelain Paving Slabs?

When your base is ready you might think that now is the time ease the porcelain paving into placed. However, there is one important step that you are missing out. This missing step is what will ensure your porcelain paving is well laid and will last the test of time.

Unlike natural stone paving, or other paving types, porcelain paving needs a little extra special care and attention before it can be laid. The main reason for this is that porcelain is a non-porous stone. This means that it doesn’t stick as easily to a mortar base as other paving stones will.

However, there is a simple solution, and this is the missing step we mentioned. You need to paint the reverse of your porcelain pavers with slurry primer. This addition of the slurry primer will create a strong bonding bridge that will help maintain the structural integrity of your patio of paved area for the longer-term.


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