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Sawn Treated Carcassing Timber Gaddesden Row

Sawn Treated Carcassing Timber2x2 Sawn Treated Carcassing Timber 3mSawn Treated Carcassing Timber

Whether it’s a small job in your garden, or a large build, Wel BM stock a vast range of sizes in Sawn Treated Carcassing Timber.

Delivery information for Sawn Treated Carcassing Timber in Gaddesden Row

WEL BM delivers Sawn Treated Carcassing Timber in Gaddesden Row for FREE*. See Delivery Information

Orders are processed the same day if placed before 3pm on a working day. If an order is placed after 3pm, it will be processed on the following working day.

About our Sawn Treated Carcassing Timber

Wel BM have always been at the forefront of providing quality structural timber products. Today, our Structural Softwood is graded to comply with BS 5268, CE Certified, stamped C24, Kiln Dried and Regularised with Eased Edges. All of which provides the end user with a great quality product.

All our Sawn Treated Carcassing Timber is kept inside on a dry and even surface with even sized bearers, which protects timber from direct sunlight and prevents twisting and splitting. Dry carcassing timber is easier to handle and to cut.[/vc_column_text]

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Sawn Treated Carcassing Timber Gaddesden Row

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*=Minimum order value for delivery is £100 nett

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