4×2 Sawn Treated C24 Carcassing Timber (47mm x 100mm)

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WEL BM have always been at the forefront of providing quality structural timber products. Today, our Structural Softwood is graded to comply with BS 5268, CE Certified, Stamped C24 (Graded to a higher standard than C16), Kiln Dried and Regularised with Eased Edges, all of which provides the end user with a product that is fit for purpose.

WEL BM store all our C24 Timber indoors to minimise shrinkage/expansion of the timber planks due to weather variations and away from direct sunlight.

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4x2" Sawn Treated C24 Carcassing Timber (47mm x 100mm) £1.63 per meter

All of  WEL BM’s 4"x 2" structural sawn and treated timber is kiln-dried to reduce shrinkage, pressure treated with Tanalith E to stop the rot, regularised to ensure consistent size and has eased edges to make manual handling of the timber easier. The 4x2" sawn timber is strength graded as C24 to comply with BS 5268. The grade will be stamped on the timber usually on the ends.

Please be aware that our regularised carcassing finishes 2mm off-nominal thickness and 5mm off-nominal width.

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1 review for 4×2 Sawn Treated C24 Carcassing Timber (47mm x 100mm)

  1. Wel-admin-LK-Web

    Perfectly straight and no splits or knots

    Shaun Schmid

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