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Bevel Edge Wood Chisel Set 3pc

£ 15.56 +VAT

A set of tough and hard wearing 270mm wood chisels, engineered from hardened and tempered steel. Designed for long-lasting sharpness during intricate and demanding woodworking jobs. Featuring a super soft grip, split resistant handle and a fully forged strike cap for use with hammers. Supplied in a tough canvas protective case.

• Long-lasting sharpened blade ensures quick and easy use for a wide variety of tasks including tight corners and fine work. The sharpened blade increases the longevity of the cutting edge
• Hardened & tempered Chrome Vanadium Steel for optimum lifespan, cutting performance and sharpening ability
• All steel Cr-V body for precision & control
• Ergonomic anti-slip handle designed with a thumb indent for user comfort, increased accuracy and slip prevention
• Forged one-piece strike cap manufactured to prevent splitting and maximise force driven through the shaft. Extra large strike face to reduce the chance of accidental slips with the hammer

12mm / 1⁄2 " x 141mm (Qty 1)
19mm / 3⁄4 " x 141mm (Qty 1)
25mm / 1" x 141mm (Qty 1)


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