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200mm Superglass Multi Roll 44 Loft Insulation

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200mm Superglass Multi Roll 44 Loft Insulation is flexible and lightweight mineral wool product, specially designed for thermal and acoustic loft insulation. Its resilient and non-combustible structure makes it the perfect choice for not only loft insulation but also all other common applications where it is required for the insulation material to be split and fit into the designated area. On the other hand, its recycled content also makes it environmentally friendly, with 0 ODP and GWP potential and no CFC and HCFC.

This is the durable solution for your loft remodelling project, since it will not degrade, sustain vermin, nor allow the growth of fungi, bacteria or mould, also having low vapour resistance, allowing vapour to pass through the insulation material, thus lowering the risk of condensation and moisture affecting and degrading the insulation.

200mm Superglass Multi Roll 44 Loft Insulation

Thickness: 200mm
Width: 1160mm
Roll Length: 4.85m
Roll Coverage: 5.63m2
Density: 10kg/m3
Weight/m2: 2kg
Weight: 11.64kg
Thermal Conductivity: 0.044W/mK
R-Value: 4.5m2K/W
Fire Rating (Reaction to Fire): A1(Non-combustible)


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