15mm Birch Throughout Plywood BB/BB 2440mm x 1220mm

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Birch Plywood, as the name would suggest is manufactured from rotary peeled birch veneers of the same uniform thickness. This method of construction produces a plywood with known and consistent engineering characteristics, which together with the fine dense grain on the surface makes for an excellent plywood suitable for very many end uses.

BB Face Grade – All major defects replaced with wood patches. Some brown stain permitted. Allow for colour variations. Faces have also been sanded.

Birch throughout plywood is made from only Birch veneers of the same thickness, glued and laid up in alternating directions to the required thickness. It thus provides a superbly consistent strong panel with known engineering characteristics. At the same time the aesthetically pleasing, fine tight grain of the BB face is suitable for all types of surface finish ( or none ) as required. Please be advised that some suppliers offer a Birch faced product made up with alternating veneers of other species – sometimes known as twin ply – this will not have the same consistent strength/engineering characteristics, stability or longevity of our Birch throughout product.

The ability to calculate the engineering performance of Birch throughout plywood renders it suitable for many and varied end uses. Used extensively within the furniture industry, it is also used in the high end packaging industry for boxing scientific and musical instruments. In the engineering sector it is used for pattern making.

European birch species produce a dense fine textured timber, light in colour, and ideal for engineering and components requiring fine machinability or a high strength to weight ratio.

Birch plywood is known for it’s high quality finish which makes it ideal for furniture making and construction where a high quality faced structural board is required. It has a smooth rich sheen and is largely defect free with very few knots and jagged edges and not prone to splintering. Due to birch woods natural beauty it does not have to be stained or varnished.

Birch plywood is characterised by it’s excellent strength and stiffness properties and functions well in applications requiring high strength and rigidity. Birch ply is constructed using three or more layer of birch combined together giving it it’s strength and stability.



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