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18mm T&G Tongue and Groove OSB3 (2440 x 590mm, 8′ x 2′)

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18mm OSB flooring with Tongue and Groove profiling is versatile, BBA approved and water-resistant timber panel suitable for load-bearing roofing and flooring applications in dry and humid conditions in both domestic and commercial use.

18mm OSB tongue and groove boards are suitable and widely used in structural (manufactured in accordance with EN 13986) and interior applications, such as:

  1. Load bearing  roofing & flooring applications
  2. Hoarding
  3. Wall sheathing

The main principle of the Tongue and Groove edged boards is in the panel features, where each sheet consists of a ‘tongue’ edge and precisely sized gap ‘groove’. During installation, the tongue slots into a groove, making the application extremely easy. For extra security, the planks can be glued or held with screws or nails – this method is known as ‘secret nailing’.

Benefits and key features of 18mm OSB3 Tongue and Groove:

  1. 18mm OSB3 tongue and groove is durable and resistant to humid conditions and spills. The adhesive used to bond planks together is acting as an additional protective barrier during accidental spillages.
  2. The structural T&G flooring can be installed over the joist and any subfloor.
  3. Ecologically friendly
  4. Manufactured in accordance with EN 13986:2004
  5. Cost-effective
  6. 18mm OSB board T&G is suitable for GRP roofing  (BBA approved for flat roof application)
  7. Ease of handling – 8’ x 2’ boards can be easily carried up ladders
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